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Who we are

Extended partnership

Multi-Risk sciEnce for resilienT commUnities undeR a changiNg climate

Return (multi-Risk sciEnce for resilienT commUnities undeR a changiNg climate) – the extended partnership aiming at strengthening the research chains on environmental, natural and anthropogenic risks at national level and promote their participation in European and global strategic value chains.

By enhancing basic knowledge, targeting the application and exploitation of technology, the Extended Partnership RETURN contributes to strengthening key competences, technology and knowledge transfer, as well as Italian governance in disaster risk management, with the involvement of public administrations, stakeholders and private companies.


Scenarios and measures

Risks, Impacts, Changes


The main risks (related to water, deformations of the earth's surface, earthquakes and volcanoes, environment) will be faced


The topic will deal with the impacts that risks have on the population, on buildings, therefore metropolitan and urban areas, and on the critical infrastructures


For more effective risk mitigation and to persuade citizens to adopt good practices before, during and after the occurrence of disaster events


It will deal with climate change, therefore, with the scenario that governs most of the risks, especially those related to landslides and floods